Can entrepreneurship be taught and learned or is it something you are born with?

Yes, people can learn to become entrepreneurs, but then they must have the innate ability to learn things faster than others. You can learn parts of leadership skills, but most can't be taught. There are those who continue to insist that entrepreneurship cannot be taught. They argue that entrepreneurship is confusing, uncertain and unpredictable and therefore there is no single method or map to impart to budding entrepreneurs, especially if it is a teacher or teacher who has no experience in the business world.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport, not an individual effort, and you can only learn by doing it in the real world. The skills that an entrepreneur needs to succeed go beyond business skills that are “easy to teach in the classroom (e.g. finance, accounting, and economics) and include personal skills, such as leadership and management, that are best learned through experience. Entrepreneurial skills can be taught; entrepreneurial qualities, such as determination and risk tolerance, are innate.

I think there is definitely room to develop as an entrepreneur and one of the best ways to advance your business learning is to observe the entrepreneurs around you. I agree and I couldn't have learned the true meaning of being rudimentary without seeing how my family members rolled up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty over and over again to make their businesses successful. In fact, we can learn about this, its process, how it works and various other points by sitting in a classroom listening to a conference or through the typical case study method used in business programs. Even if you don't have entrepreneurs in your immediate family or circle, nowadays it's quite easy to find like-minded business owners who you can follow and learn about their travels.

Its goal is to impart a methodology for leaving the classroom and interacting with the market (and learning from it) to build a business model over time; this process is more like the way real businesses are built than the old way of creating a business plan and then executing it. The question you should ask yourself is not if entrepreneurship can be learned, but if it is something you really want for yourself. White explained how entrepreneurship programs can help people build on what is already part of their inner makeup. For the most part, many of these skills are basic entrepreneurial skills that can be taught (although I could have easily shared the vote here with born given the intangibles that are required here).

This post should be read in conjunction with my post “How VCs Define a Supportable Management Team”, not only to see if you have the right skills for entrepreneurship, but to see if investors will perceive you as bankable. As a native of Ukraine, I knew I needed to learn how to navigate the cultural differences involved in a typical business transaction. There are more business education courses and programs than ever before, and demand for them continues to grow.

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