Why Entrepreneurs are Not Born, They are Made

Rather than being marked since birth, entrepreneurs are people who have made a series of good decisions in their businesses and lives. Entrepreneurship is not something that is inherited, but rather something that is achieved through experience, knowledge and passion. It is possible to start a business even if you only have a general idea of what you want to offer to potential customers. The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word “entreprendre”, which means to undertake. It shares similarities with the Sanskrit word Antha Prerna which means “self-motivated”.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, entrepreneurs were referred to as “risk-takers”. This highlights the importance of taking a leap of faith if one wants to pursue entrepreneurship. Calculated risks that are backed by responsibility and self-motivation are essential for an entrepreneur's success. People are not born entrepreneurs, they become entrepreneurs. It all starts with having a big picture in mind; a mental image of what an individual seeks to achieve over a period of time. You must first conceive a path before anything else and then set goals to make it a reality.

A positive outlook must be maintained, regardless of the obstacles that stand in your way. An unshakable approach like that of a hawk must be exemplified in order to stay true to the vision despite the ups and downs. As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born. Their passion and drive are created through fundamental change that leads them to success. Once this fundamental change occurs, an entrepreneur can work to achieve a level of mastery in their craft and work towards their goals. Entrepreneurs are made by their environment and by the observations they make within it.

The more exposure they have to successful people, the greater their belief that anything is possible and the constant search for more. If you have that feeling within you that you are destined for much more than you are currently doing, it is often the result of excessive belief and lack of trust is the reason you are not doing anything about it. This could suggest that if you still don't know exactly why you want to start a business, then maybe you shouldn't be an entrepreneur. True, some founders of today's leading companies were born with certain skills that made the business path easier for them. Most entrepreneurs I've worked with are always challenging themselves to achieve their next goal, whether it's starting a new company or mastering a new skill. The second type of entrepreneur is one who has no resources or knowledge in terms of investments, but is full of ideas. These qualities can be acquired through education and experience.

Businessmen belong to the exclusive group of people who break free from the crowd by opening the first doors to leave their claustrophobic paths. I began my fundamental change by reading books by entrepreneurs who were more successful than me and were where I wanted to be. Once entrepreneurs create a fundamental shift to the path of entrepreneurship, there is still a long way to go. An entrepreneur is someone who establishes a business, assuming the risk and rewards of the company. In my experience of launching Kardia and 14 other impactful companies over the past four years, I have realized that the question of whether entrepreneurs are born or asked goes far beyond what most people think. Being an entrepreneur at a young age gives you a unique advantage compared to adults starting businesses years after college or even during their retirement years. Many business gurus say it's important for entrepreneurs to know their “why” in order to run a business successfully. When you stray from this process and want to simply implement ideas to become an entrepreneur or make money, you often don't understand your own ability and most likely you will fail at some point in the journey as you will face multiple failures and it will no longer make sense invest your life in it. Only after reading a vacation book that caused a fundamental change in his thinking did he realize that he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Some of the best entrepreneurs I know are driven by reasons such as spending more time with their family, financial independence, freedom to make their own decisions, creating a product or service that makes other people's lives easier or being able to give back to their local community. Keep in mind that this is not what makes someone own a business but rather they build someone to understand the core of true entrepreneurship.

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